Monday, January 9, 2012

Have you pinned yet?

A few months back I found a website that would change my life. Pinterest. Seriously, if you have not heard of this site click the link and check it out. Pinterest is a site for crafters, DIYers, foodies, decorators, organizers...EVERYONE! The best way I can think to explain the site is as visual bookmarks. I have spent many hours on this site exploring, planning, daydreaming, drooling, and wistfully wishing! As a teacher, a crafter, and a mom this site speaks to me on so many different levels. So once again I encourage you - if you have not checked this site out, DO IT NOW!

Okay, now that you have checked it out, (as I can only assume that you followed my advice) I will tell you about a few of my favorite 'pins.' Click the pictures to check them out!

Random Tutorial Generator - enough said right? Press the button and you get a new tutorial. Great way to waste an afternoon (or a weekend?)

Fabric Flower tutorials - great for baby headbands, brooches, purse clips...there are so many uses for a cute fabric flower, and now I know how to make 40 different varieties!

This one doesn't link anywhere - but I just liked it. Pinterest also has lots of funny and /or inspirational little sayings/pictures!

So now that you have been introduced to, go waste a few hours away and find lots of things you need and didn't know it and lots of things you want to make!

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