Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Crochet Hat Obsession

My obsession with crochet hats began when my daughter Lucy was born. Every newborn baby is given a teeny tiny little hat shortly after their entry into the world. Lucy's hat was white and so soft (though I believe it was knitted as opposed to crocheted...) She quickly outgrew her little hat and I wanted to replace it with one that was warm, soft and adorably cute. Without the skills to knit or crochet I adorned Lucy with store bought hats until we received a strawberry hat as a gift from a friend. She wore the strawberry hat on every outing last winter, even though it didn't match a thing she wore.

As winter approached this year I set out to find a cute, unique, handmade hat for Lucy to wear. I searched on Etsy, on many Facebook Fanpages, and at numerous Craft Fairs - and came out empty-handed. Don't get me wrong, I found tons of lovely pieces that I would LOVE to put on my little girls head - but then I would see the prices. YIKES! I found myself saying "I could totally do that." And so I did!

So with a little bit of research and a trip to Michaels to get supplies -  I was off on operation 'Learn to Crochet.' After a few frustrating evenings of watching Youtube videos and checking out crochet tutorials I got the hang of it and my first hat took shape. I finished the hat in just a few days and I was quite proud of myself - though the hat was too small for little Lucy's head (guess they have patterns and sizing for a reason...).

The picture isn't great but you get the idea - I even added a pretty little flower.
 I just finished making my fourth hat and wanted to share it. It is a hat for my sister. She was home for Christmas and picked out the yarn for her hat. I think it turned out pretty good. As I was nearing the end of the hat my yarn was running low (not a good thing when you live an hour and a half from Michaels).

My next hat will be one for Lucy with some thick, chunky colorful yarn to go with her pea coat. Although I am only new to the art of crochet I have lots of cute ideas that I plan to share with you in the future! I would also love to hear where your inspiration comes from!

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