Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hats, Hats, Hats!

So last week I told you I had a hat obsession - not an exaggeration by any means! My journey into crochet was so that I could replicate a hat, that I had seen at a craft fair, for my daughter. I came home eager and excited for this new hobby that I will pursue and my husband says to me, "You know, it would probably be cheaper in the long run if you had just paid the $30+ for the hat." Well take note dear hubby cause I don't say this often, but you were right! 3 crochet hooks (all different sizes of course!), 7 balls of yarn, and numerous hours later, I still do not have the hat made that I originally NEEDED so badly, nor do I have the supplies on hand to actually make it.  I do however have a few other adorable hats finished and wanted to share them with you!

I made the little penguin based on a hat a friend of mine had for her little one last year. I plan to add a flower or bow to it to make it more girly.

 I love the look of the thick, chunky wool. And the red in the hat matches her pea coat perfectly!

I think she likes it too!

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