Wednesday, January 16, 2013


We are already halfway through the first month and I am JUST getting to writing a Happy New Year post - guess that tells you haw the rest of the year is going to be!

2012 was... well 2012 was unlike any other year I have experienced in my life! I guess all I can do is hope that 2013 will have a little more of the good stuff, a little less of the bad stuff and a whole lot of love!

**Now for the resolutions - so you can hold me accountable and say "See Amy - you SAID you were going to do it, so DO IT already!" Hmmm.....what were they again??? I wrote them down and stuck them away with the Christmas stuff and then promptly forgot what they were. So maybe now is a good time to come up with a few new ones and put them somewhere a bit more accessible for when I need reminding of what I should be doing!

  • Do a blog entry at least once a week (good thing I already FAILED at this one, seeing as I already missed the first two weeks of the year so I will amend it with...) from this day forward!
  • Train to run 5K (I have done this before and had good intentions to run in an actual race - but then along came a pregnancy followed by a baby. Alas, running was not only impossible but also bumped down to the bottom of the priority list!)
  • Get organized - and stay organized for more than 3 weeks! (So far so good on this one - I will soon be posting about my meal planning adventures!)
  • I am sure there was also one about eating healthy or cutting back on junk food...blah, blah, blah. (Yeah, I am sure I will follow this one ALL year!)

Anyway - welcome to 2013! Hopefully THIS is the year of great things - I just have to work hard and stay on track!

Sparklers on the deck at midnight! Happy New Year!

Oh, and did you notice I updated my space? Thought it could use a more personal touch so I did some pretty paintings! Hope you enjoy!

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