Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Life More Organized

As you know, one of my New Year's resolutions is to be more organized. This is not the first year I have had this resolution - but this is the first year that I have actually taken time to sit down and think about how I am going to be more organized. I mean, I would LOVE to have my crafting table/area more organized and have all of my closets and drawers neat and tidy with everything in its place. Realistically, however, I know that that would take me years and then the kids (and/or my husband) would just come behind me and undo all of my hard organizing work. Instead, I am simply hoping to get my day to day routine more organized and routine so that I can have more time with the kiddies, the hubby, and more time for ME (ie. crafting time!)
So the first thing I did was try and figure out what I was spending the most time on so that I could try and simplify the process and hopefully save time! When looking at my day I found I spent a lot of time cooking and cleaning. Actually, I spent A LOT of time thinking about and dreading cooking and cleaning. I decided that these were the areas I was going to target.
So, goal in mind, I headed to pinterest! (It is a GREAT site! If you haven't been - you should go!) I did some searching around to see how other people are becoming more organized and better at time-management. I discovered that a lot of people had the same resolution as me, my pin feed was abuzz with organization ideas. So with some digging around, following links, and pouring over various blogs and sites, (hard work right? But someone's gotta do it!) I chose a few plans and began my journey to organization.

Here are the links I used and a few other ones I liked (and may use later):

Monthly Meal Planning by Callie @ Greater Things

Home Organization Plan from the JustMommies site (there are lots of great things on this site!)

Home Management Binder by Toni @ A Bowl Full of Lemons

Declutter Calendar by Beth @ MySimplerLife (it is from 2011 but could easily be used any month/year!)

My Organization and Storage Ideas board on pinterest - lots of other great ideas and links for you to explore!

Check back next week and I will show you what the Home Organization Plan looks like in action at my house!

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