Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quick Update

So as quickly as I came into the blogging world - I was gone! Well not really GONE...more like, preoccupied! I worked full time for the month of February and most of March too which made family time hard to come by and creative time basically non-existent (so what would I even blog about right?) In the midst of working five days a week I got a bad sinus infection and Lucy had a bad cold/flu and croup. As we are finally on the mend and getting our feet back under us, my step-father passed away quite suddenly and we were knocked back down to our knees. Need less to say, the last few months have been busy, long and hard. And on top of everything Jason and I found out we are expecting baby number 2 in the fall so nausea and first trimester exhaustion have been my loyal companions! I am out of the first trimester now however and feeling great - almost like my normal self...only bigger :) So that has been my life the last few months and with spring here, the weather warming up and a little one on the way, I am super-excited to get back at my crafting and creating! Thanks for dropping by!

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