Monday, February 18, 2013

Run, Run Away!

If you read my Happy New Year post (and I am sure you did), then you may remember that one of my resolutions was to train to run a 5K. I will be honest - I wrote that with absolutely no intention of starting training until sometime long from now, like June-ish. We are going away for my brother's wedding in June so I figured I would start after we got back. Then back in mid-January I received a message from friend Michelle - she was tossing around the idea of entering a race late spring. In my head I started  my list of excuses: now just wasn't the time. I wasn't prepared, I was still nursing, how would I find the time to train, I didn't have a sports bra that fit, I have a 4 month old, and last but not least - I am lazy! I promptly declined but offered to help support her training.
Then my guilt kicked in. Why was I making all these excuses? It was on my to-do list, which I specifically posted on my blog so I would be accountable, and yet here I was avoiding the challenge. So the next morning I researched the race Michelle wanted to enter and made my decision - I was DONE MAKING EXCUSES!! I wrote my friend to let her know I had changed my mind and then I started to plot my training. Within the week I signed up and paid my non-refundable fees - and I was officially entered to run a 5K (GULP). Well at least I am not doing it alone. Michelle and I even managed to rope in another friend of ours, Tara.

The race we are doing is the Sole Sisters Women's Race. Race date is June 8th, and I am not gonna lie, I am a wee bit excited (and a large bit nervous!) From what I have found online and heard from friends, it is an empowering and inspiring event. The race isn't timed and you can choose to either walk or run the 5K. I have also heard there is a High-5 station and a chocolate break. The chocolate break alone will be worth it for me! There is also a big after-race celebration and other fun things going on so the girls and I booked a hotel and will be making it a fun girls night! With 2 kids each - we definitely deserve a night out after running 5K.

Well enough imaging how great it will be and all the fun we will have - it's back to reality and actually getting in shape to run the race! I decided to use the Couch25K program. I used it the last time I trained and really liked it (and was successful at it too!) I had tried training many times before only to push myself too hard, too fast which led to frustration and giving up. The Couch25K program allows me to gradually work up to 5K and I can run at a pace that works for me (and my short little legs.) I am currently getting ready to start my third week of the 9 week program - intervals are getting a bit longer this week, yikes! I have been feeling really good about my running so far, my knees on the other hand are not feeling the running love. But I am taking it slow and really focusing on my posture and where I land on my feet and that seems to be helping my knees a bit. I figure I am better off going slow now and try and work it out rather then injuring myself right before the race!

I do my running on a treadmill in the basement, and I would never make it through a session if I didn't have my music. I love losing myself in the rhythm of the songs and then my feet run on their own and it doesn't feel like a chore. I am also motivated by the fact that I know Tara and Michelle are counting on me to keep up my end of the bargain. That and I have to set a good example so that I can give them a hard time! Yeah, I have a tough love training attitude!


What motivates you to get moving? Are you training for any goals this year?

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