Monday, June 11, 2012

It's a BOY!!

Back in April I mentioned oh-so-briefly that hubby and I are expecting Baby #2. Now that we know a little bit more about our little bundle of joy, I feel that I should do a post dedicated to him.

This is the announcement that we sent to our close family to share our exciting news! The baby's due date was originally the day before Lucy's birthday (though not planned at all - and probably couldn't have gotten the dates closer if we tried!). We have since had an ultrasound and the due date is now September 28, 2012.

Before we shared this announcement with our families, my step-father was the first person to get our happy news. It had been by his suggestion that we even started thinking about Baby #2. Just after Christmas he informed me that if we wanted to have another baby in time for my mom's 65th birthday in November, we better get busy (pun intended no doubt!). When we found out we were expecting and our expected due date we drafted a letter to him informing him that we had taken his advice but regretting to inform him that his calculations were off and the baby would be arriving in October, not November as he had figured out. I am so happy that I was able to share the special news with my step-father as he was very sick and passed away less than three weeks later. 

Now, on to less heart-wrenching baby details. On June 4 we went to 3D Miracles - 3D Ultrasound in Halifax to find out whether Baby #2 was a boy or a girl. We also went there when we were expecting Lucy and we loved that we could broadcast the ultrasound to our family and all find out together! It was very evident early on during the scan that Baby #2 is a BOY! Lucy came with us to the ultrasound and she was very interested in what the lady was doing to Mommy's belly (for a few minutes at least!). She got up on the stool by the bed and pointed at my belly and said baby. Then she lost interest and wanted to wash her hands in the sink! We are super-excited that we will have one of each - you know - to keep the numbers even!

Here is Baby Boy's first portrait! He even smiled for the camera :)

Once we found out it was a boy the planning began! The first thing my husband did was go buy a coin to start Baby Boy's coin collection. The first thing I did was go to the Carter's store and buy an adorable little boy sleeper (and a Big Sister shirt for Lucy). On the long drive back home Jason and I talked about names, the nursery and how Lucy was going to react to her new baby brother. 

My husband has really taken an interest in planning the nursery and you better believe we both have boards on pinterest dedicated to it! My husband has a love of muscle cars (and would love to own one himself someday...) so we are doing Baby Boy's room in a car theme. Below are a few of the DIY projects we have found for the room on pinterest. Click on the image to go to the site them originated :)

         How cute is this lamp. And so simple and inexpensive to make!

These are pictures of matchbox cars that you can purchase on esty. My husband has a collection of cars himself so I am going to take some pictures of them and frame them for the wall. My husband is quite excited for this project - I hope he doesn't think we are going to do some for our room...

We both really liked this initial art. The letter, however, will not be an M. Though I am sure you would like to know what the letter will be now wouldn't you. I will give you a hint - it is in the alphabet ;)

That's all for now - time to go get supper started! Have a great day!

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